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North Canton History Timeline

The History of North Canton, Ohio

The early settlers of the area were mainly German-speaking families from the eastern part of Pennsylvania, hence the name “New Berlin.”

Early 1805- the first families began arriving in Plain Township where they found fertile and rolling land,  clear streams and abundant animal life among thick patches of forests.

Early 1814- They established their homesteads and while clearing the lands for their first crops, they built churches and schools.

1831- the first 23 lots (in the area of City Hall) were surveyed and became the village of New Berlin.

1875- The Hoover Family, whose homestead was east of the village, brought their family tanning business into town and established a leather factory which produced collars, bridles, saddles, and more gear for horses.

In 1906, the village of New Berlin with a population of 865 people became incorporated with its own mayor-council system.

1908 to 1919- The Hoover Leather Factory branched out, the family purchased the patents for an electric suction sweeper apparatus that cleaned carpets, and began to produce both leather and sweeper products.

1919- The Hoover’s stop producing leather and focus on the expansion and production of their sweepers. About this time,

January 30, 1918- After a petition drive, New Berlin, with a population of 926 citizens, changed its name to North Canton.

January 7, 1961- North Canton was declared a city with a population of 7,727.

1960’s and into the 1970’s- replacement of the original Community Building YMCA and creation of Bitzer Park as the hub of the city. The Hoover International Office Building was erected, along with City Hall and additions to the Library.

1985- The Hoover Company is sold to Chicago-Pacific, and it no longer becomes a locally-owned company.

1989- The Hoover Company is also sold to Maytag.

2006- Maytag is sold to Whirlpool and The Hoover Company property is sold to Techtronics.

2007- The Hoover Company local facilities close.

2008- The Hoover Company Property sold to Maple Street Commerce.