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Save the Date! November 1, 2016 Visiting Historian Program

The North Canton Heritage Society Presents:


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“Ohioans in the Civil War” by John C. Spaziani, Active Member, The Civil War Heritage Foundations ( – 01 November 2016, 5:30pm in the North Canton Public Library.

Brought to you by: The North Canton Heritage Society’s Visiting Historian Program

The Great State of Ohio held a strategic position and played a key role during the American Civil War, although there was only one battle fought within its territory. Over three hundred thousand Ohioans served during the Civil War and over eleven thousand were killed from wounds and another thirteen thousand died from disease. When President Lincoln initially called for 75,000 volunteers for three-months service, Ohio patriotically answered the call with 23 Volunteer Infantry Regiments, 10 more than the quota; ultimately producing 150 Union Brigadier Generals (and three Confederate Brigadiers). Ohio passed Resolutions in January 1861 pledging to preserve The Union and to condemn secession.

Ohioans fought in every major CW Battle, from Big Bethel (June 1861) to Blakley at Mobile Bay (April, 1865) including: Antietam, 1st and 2nd Bull Run/Manassas, Gettysburg, Chickamauga/Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge, Stones Rivers/Murfreesboro, Franklin and Nashville, Shiloh/Corinth (at which there represented 1/5 of the Union Army), the Siege of Atlanta and the Carolinas Campaign etc. Ohio was home to a hundred Medal of Honor Recipients. It was the oldest State in the Midwest, lead the nation in RR mileage, third in population (and in soldiers who served) and home to more colleges than any other state – making significant social progress.

As a Union soldier, in a first person account, John will discuss the strategic role the State of Ohio and Ohioans played during the Civil War, from: the viewpoint of the Underground Railroad (UGRR), the common soldier, famous Ohio Regiments, commissioned and non-commissioned officers, famous Generals (US Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and Phillip Sheridan) and the future Presidents from Ohio who fought in the Civil War [Ulysses S Grant (18), Rutherford B. Hayes (19), James A Garfield (20), Benjamin Harrison (23) and William McKinley (25)].

He will utilize a Power Point presentation showing numerous photos from recent visits to many of the major East Coast and Midwestern Battlefields from Antietam to Shiloh. He will display original Civil War Memorabilia, including an original Burnside carbine.

John C. Spaziani has lived in Canton since 1978 and is an active member of the Civil War Heritage Foundation, doing four events a year in Gettysburg. His love of the Civil War dates from a visit to Gettysburg in 1963, during the Battle Centennial. Most recently he has spoken at the Wayne County Civil War Round Table and the prestigious Lady Daniel Farm “East Meets West Event” this past Labor Day Weekend. He also participated in all the major East Coast, CW Sesquicentennial Events from 1st Bull Run/ Manassas to Appomattox. He owns a CW Library comprised of over two hundred works.

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