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Sharyn Green: Annual Biography Project


North Canton Heritage Society

Sharyn Green by Hannah Gardner

Almost all of the best things in life come in two and when it comes to Sharyn and Terry Green, this rule holds up. When I came to their house for the interview, it was clear that they were a strong team. Terry opened the door, invited me in and right off the bat said “Come meet my bride”. When I had introduced myself to Mrs. Sharyn Green, all of us sat around their kitchen table. When Sharyn began to tell her story, I watched the words peel back and begin to show seventy two years of history and her place within it.

Lindy Lane in 1951 held so many opportunities for six year old Sharyn. The neighborhood was full of children for her and her three brothers to play with. Having been born in Canton Ohio in 1945, the area was not foreign to Sharyn, but the Canton that she knew would have been foreign to us. The area was much more rural back then, her grandfather owned horses and her brothers were always involved in the Stark County Fairs. The North Canton that Sharyn and her family came to six years later was also very different than the town that Sharyn still loves today. When I asked Sharyn about her childhood on Lindy Lane, she immediately lit up, “Everyone knew everyone and no one locked their doors.”

Sharyn has many memories of her childhood friends, memories such as playing and getting together and on every Wednesday and Sunday getting together to watch “Mickey Mouse Club” at each other’s houses. This tradition would later morph into watching “American Bandstand” to see all their favorites such as Dick Clark and Elvis Presley, who remains one of Sharyn’s favorite musicians to this day.

Sharyn’s father was an attorney and while her mother worked as a second and third-grade teacher at Jackson Elementary for thirty years, since the time that Sharyn was four years old, Sharyn went to Hoover High just like her brothers and just like her sons would. I have never met any people on Earth who love the Hoover School System more than the Green’s. When I asked about school, there was nothing but praise and admiration in both their words and their tone. Both Sharyn and Terry reminisced about the sock hops that were held in the old community center and Sharyn also mentioned that she had been in the Glee Club at Hoover. Sharyn remains a lover of the arts as she has been a member of the Canton Fine Arts for thirty-six years. Sharyn said that her favorite subject in school had been history and when asked about the teachers, immediately remembered Joseph Smith from the fifth grade. Overall they both agreed that school “Couldn’t have been better”.

It is easy to see the ease and comfort that Sharyn and Terry have around each other, so it was no surprise to hear that they had been highschool sweethearts. It all started when Sharyn was fourteen and Terry was sixteen. Terry knew Sharyn’s brother so it was not that they had been strangers to start with. They also attended Zion UCC together, the same church they would get married in and the same church they attend to this day, where Sharyn is an elder and the leader of the Women’s Guild.

They met through ice skating. They both enjoyed skating in town and Terry’s dad would often drive Sharyn home from the rink, with Terry in tow. When asked what the first thing that drew Sharyn to Terry, she paused and then recounted how she noticed that he was a very kind and considerate boy. When asked the same question, Terry immediately responded, “The dimples.” this made Sharyn smile and reveal her still present dimples. They dated on and off throughout high school and this pattern would continue throughout Terry’s time in the armed services which he joined when he was eighteen and she was sixteen years old. This unpredictable beginning gave way to a stable relationship after Terry came back from the armed services three years after joining; shortly afterwards Sharyn became Mrs.Sharyn Green and the couple has been married for fifty-two years.

Sharyn Green has had multiple jobs and roles throughout her life. From first working at Stipes Shoe Store at sixteen, which is also the age she began driving her mother’s yellow 1960 Bonneville, to a job in a temp agency, to a brief time as a bookkeeper/secretary in her husband’s mold casting business, the biggest jobs that Sharyn has ever held were the roles of a caregiver and a mother. Sharyn Green is the rare type of human that has the soul of a caregiver.  Being the only girl in her family, much of the duties of caring for the family fell upon her later in life. When her father suffered a horrific stroke and needed care, Sharyn left her job and took care of him with her mother for almost ten years. When her father passed away and her mother needed a caretaker, Sharyn took care of her as well. Her years of care and love are even more impressive since Sharyn was also working in the hardest full-time job, being a mother.

Sharyn and Terry Green had a full house. Having four boys, ( T.G., Stacey, Michael who was nicknamed Mickey, and Tim),  in the span of five years didn’t leave much breathing room for Sharyn, all while Terry was constantly working on his injection mold business. However, even with all this chaos, Sharyn agrees with Terry that they can never stay mad at each other. When asked if Sharyn ever worried about the rapidly changing world that her sons were growing up in, she simply stated that “There was no time to be worried”. All that Sharyn wanted of her sons was for them to get along and care for each other. Time stops for no man and it certainly did not stop for the Greens. All of the boys carried on their parents legacy and went to Hoover as well. One of their sons even qualified in wrestling for States three times.

The years haven’t always been kind to the Green family. The mood at the table became somber when asked about the boys today. Of the four boys that made up the Green clan, only three are still around. T.G. died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was 49, this August will mark two years from his passing. Sharyn and Terry seemed to pause for a moment as the fact seemed to seep back in.

The others are out making their mark on the world. Stacy lives in Hartville with his family, Michael lives in China with his wife and son, and Tim lives near Glenoak with his family. The Green family is constantly expanding. With ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren in total, there is no lack of company at family events. Sharyn’s caretaking will never end and is still a full-time job, proved by Sharyn having to end our interview to pick up her granddaughter.

Sharyn is a fixture of the North Canton Community and has never forgotten or left behind her past. To this day she and Terry play cards with their high school friends: they have been playing for forty-four years. Sharyn Green is the epitome of hospitality and comfort. Throughout her seventy-two years, Sharyn has seen the history of North Canton change and evolve. Sharyn has also been changed by this community, from watching Mickey Mouse, to driving to work in a bold yellow Bonneville, to going to Hoover, to caring for three diaper aged sons at the same time and years down the line helping to raise two of her own grandchildren (Chloe and Cody) with Terry from infancy to their teenage years, to caring for her ever expanding family, there is nothing on Earth that Sharyn cannot do and I am so grateful to have been able to hear her story for in the end, Sharyn Green is North Canton.


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